Nihal German University in Sudan


As a private university, the Nihal German University in Sudan would depend upon various sources for financial support. A combination of private and official financing would be aimed for. Sudanese investors that can support the university permanently would be sought. Due to the fact that this project falls under the category of aid to a developing country, financial aid from the German Ministry for Development Aid can reasonably be expected.

Another possible source of financial aid is the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), which could, for example, provide financial help for the areas of collaboration as well as the mobilization costs for the Nihal German University in Sudan in Sudan. There are existing funds for the project “Studienangebote deutscher Hochschulen im Ausland”, which, roughly translated, is “Course of Studies Offered at German Universities / Institutes of Higher Education in Foreign Countries”. The project to establish the Nihal German University in Sudan could potentially receive funding from this particular DAAD project, which has supported a wide spectrum of projects. This spectrum has included such projects as founding single courses of studies, to founding faculties and institutes, to installing of entire universities / higher institutes of education. Through the DAAD, there is the possibility of financing a start-up phase over several years, and receiving financing consultation, further education, and project management. The DAAD could potentially offer aid during a phase marking the ending of outside support.

Due to growing interest in international German institutes of higher education and the trends of exporting education, it is likely that a request for support from the DAAD would be received positively.

What’s more, there would be a tuition in order to cover the remaining costs of the university. In addition to the above-mentioned scholarship program, which will be aimed at exceptionally gifted potential students and upper school graduates from financially underprivileged families, tuitions could vary according to the student. The possibility of adjusting the tuition of a student depending on his/her available income is being considered. The tuitions could vary between  2,500 and  4,350 per semester.


The Nihal German University in Sudan is looking for further financial support and would appreciate corresponding suggestions. Also, we would be very grateful if possible sponsors interested in the project chose to contact us directly.