Nihal German University in Sudan


The collaboration with the German partner universities should take place within the scope of a co-operation contract. The three universities would mutually design concepts for the areas of and extent of their collaboration.


The collaboration would encompass the following aspects:

  • The start-up phase should occur under close collaboration and entail the designing of the teaching content as well as the personnel structure of the German University.
  • The course of studies should be designed by the German partner universities as well as the Nihal Herman University in Sudan in order to meet German, Sudanese as well as international university degree standards. Special attention should be turned to the Bologna criteria.
  • The German partner universities would aid in the setup of the German University’s research department in Sudan.
  • The German partner universities would strive to help provide the Nihal German University in Sudan with the necessary technical assistance. As much of the teaching staff as possible should be selected in Germany in the beginning phases. Provided that the capacities of the German partner universities are inadequate in this area, the Nihal German University in Sudan would be supported in these endeavours by other German universities.
  • The University of Constance and the University of Bochum would aid the Nihal German University in Sudan in ensuring the quality of teaching. Additional collaborations in this area are being planned with other German universities.
  • Exchange programs should be mutually designed from the German as well as the Sudanese side in order for the Nihal German University in Sudan students to be able to complete part of the course at a German University. In the same token, the same conditions should apply for German students in an exchange program at the Nihal German University in Sudan, namely, that the German students should get full credit at their universities for levels they complete at the Nihal German University in Sudan.


A board of trustees from Sudanese and German notabilities should be formed.

For each faculty there would be a “Founding Dean” appointed in Germany as well as “Collaboration Partners”. Each “Founding Dean” would be aided by a “Collaboration Partner” from the other university. Together they would design the teaching program for the course of studies, help support the set-up and development of the research department, and take part in the yearly recruiting process.


The Nihal German University in Sudan is looking for further possible co-operation partners and would appreciate corresponding suggestions. Also, we would be very grateful if possible organisations interested in the project chose to contact us directly.