Nihal German University in Sudan

Organisation & Cooperations

The Nihal German University in Sudan is designed to be a Sudanese private university based on German standards. The university’s internal structure, the courses offered, etc. would be based on the German model for universities. The University of Constance and the University of Bochum have agreed to be and would serve as partner universities.

Through this collaboration, the university’s curriculum would be designed by the partner universities according to the Bologna criteria and adjusted to accommodate Sudanese needs. Additionally, the university would strive to link the educational department with the research departments, initially with the help of the German partner universities and ultimately within its own fitting infrastructure.

A further important element is the teachers from Germany and other European countries. There is a middle-term, co-equal plan to hire teachers from European countries as well as from the Sudan, depending on the possibilities that the recruiting process offers in Sudan. Accordingly, job advertisements should be posted nation-wide every 3 years in Germany and Sudan. The application procedure in Germany would be conducted by the German partner universities. Additionally, the Sudanese teachers would be trained at one of the partner universities in order to become familiar with the German academic system as well current academic topics.